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Experience the best inflight dining experience for commercial airline passengers, powered by award-winning On Air Dining, the world’s leading provider of inflight dining for private jets. Bringing our 15 years of expertise to the commercial airline industry is an exciting new opportunity for us. We bring the same exceptional quality and impeccable service to elevate your passengers’ in-flight dining experience. After achieving this in the private jet industry, we hope to change the face of airline dining.

With the return to pre-pandemic flight numbers, operators can differentiate themselves and meet ever-higher consumer expectations. On Air On Board offers an in-flight option based on those expectations.

Whether it’s First Class or Business Class, our options are designed to amaze your customers. With On Air On Board, customers can customize their in-flight experience and have an unforgettable journey. From a Gulfstream to a 747, we have worked with the world’s most demanding customers and gained an insight into airline cuisine and operations that is unparalleled.

To create some of the finest cuisine on board aircraft anywhere in the world, every exceptional dish has undergone years of research and testing.

As part of our company’s ethos, we partner with local brands and artisan producers. Additionally, we offer healthy, vegetarian, vegan, and halal options. With locally grown ingredients, we strive to produce cuisine that reflects local flavours. As a result, our menus are more seasonal, fresher and more environmentally friendly.

Why Choose On Air On Board:

The customer always comes first

In the world of private aviation you can never say ‘no’. Our core ethos is exceptional customer service, whether it’s providing a 24/7 concierge team, or supplying newspapers we know the client has forgotten to order, we will always go beyond expectations no matter how small the request. 

Speed and reliability

We live in a world where being late is never an option. Logistics that are reliable, on time, and the ability to turn around orders for a Head of State 747 in under 12 hours make our business model unique. As a result, an airline menu can go from idea to final production very quickly.


fine dining salmon and caviar dish


During the Covid-19 pandemic, air travel was reduced, and the market is now seeking ways to encourage passengers to fly again. One way to achieve this is to improve the quality of food and beverages. Aside from that, travellers are looking for high-quality, sustainably sourced items that are healthy. To ensure customer satisfaction and keep up with competition, On Air On Board places a great deal of emphasis on quality and selection of its products


Providing healthy options

Flyers want healthier options made with fresh ingredients on flights. Due to this, we offer a variety of healthy foods and can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and choices.

Maintaining tasty flavours while serving healthy dishes in the sky is a challenge for chefs and caterers. Since food loses some of its flavour as altitude increases, On Air Dining has become an expert in molecular gastronomy. By using healthy alternatives to flavour meals, instead of saturating them with salt, our chefs are tackling this issue.

Sustainability matters

As climate change concerns grow, environmental choices have become more relevant to travellers. Compostable and recycled packaging is an integral part of our offering as food producers. At On Air On Board we strive to contribute to sustainable practices.


Transparency plays a critical role in 94% of consumers’ purchase decisions. On this matter, On Air On Board ensures travellers that the food and beverage offerings are healthy, sustainably sourced, and safe.

Buy on board – On demand

While many airlines are moving towards increased adoption of pre-ordering meals to save time and increase customer satisfaction, many passengers forget to order ahead or like the flexibility of ordering on board. On various airlines, buy-on-board service is an option, and can be done from a passenger’s mobile device. At On air On Board we are capable of turning around orders very quickly due to our private jet expertise ensuring on-demand options are available.


Our Customer Experience Team is available to take orders from 0700 to 2200.

Please call +44 (0)203 693 3888 or email orders@onairdining.com to place your order.

Our two kitchens are strategically located to service all London area airports.

Stansted (EGSS)
Inflite The Jet Center
Hangar 173(9)
London Stansted Airport
CM24 8QU
+44 (0) 20 3693 3888

Farnborough (EGLF)
Unit B3,
Redfield’s Industrial Park
Church Crookham
Fleet, Hampshire
GU52 0RD

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