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On Air Dining CEO Daniel Hulme is hosting a series of culinary training events, designed exclusively for flight attendants to learn new skills and trends in elite in-flight dining.

With training scheduled for Thursday 28th May, Thursday 18th June, Thursday 16th July the event sees Daniel, an industry pioneer in superior inflight cuisine, provide personal hints and tips on how to prepare and present exquisite meals.

The event will also look at how to safely handle food whilst in flights and consider health and safety of heating food. Flight attendants are carefully guided through specialist On Air Dining Flash Cards, specifically designed as a take away for flight attendants to follow with beautiful results every time.

Training events will also allow guests sneak preview of latest sustainable sourced meats and vegetables in season, alongside prestigiously traced coffees and wines to complement every meal showcased.

Says Daniel: “We have always received great feedback on our training events from guests looking to enhance menu options and learn different presentation skills. And at each one we also learn so much as we strive to work together with all who attend to continue to enrich our offering and ultimately provide an elite culinary service and the finest dining experience in the air.”

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 Photography by Rupa Photography

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