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On Air Dining uses a unique ‘flash card’ system for all of its culinary creations and cocktails, which provides an easy step-by-step guide for elite flight attendants whilst serving gourmet food on board an aircraft.

An example of this philosophy is On Air Dining’s popular sous vide cod dish, which is served with a rich miso sauce contained in an elegant single-use jug that the passengers pour themselves.

On Air Dining’s flash cards also showcase how to present foods using modern influences such as teardrop, swoosh effects, the circle and drizzling.

Daniel Hulme says: “You eat with your eyes on an aeroplane, even more so because you lose a lot of your sense of taste. What we’ve tried to do is create dishes that are a little bit fun and the flash cards add a simple and effective way to quickly serve up the food as you’d expect to see at any fine dining restaurant.”

As part of On Air Dining’s commitment to working with flight attendants, the company holds free culinary training days that provides the opportunity to learn modern presentation techniques, food handling skills and the art of menu selection for different range trips.

The training sessions also offer a unique opportunity for flight attendants to practice using the flash cards and finest ingredients as provided by On Air Dining.

Training course are scheduled for Thursday 28th May, Thursday 18th June, Thursday 16th July. To register your interest, please email orders@onairdining.com with your contact details

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