Ahead of this year’s JetExpo 2013, 12 – 14 September, Vnukovo-3 Airport Moscow, On Air Dining, the leading in flight experience provider has launched a dedicated Russian menu in partnership with London’s most desirable Russian restaurant Mari Vanna. The new menu, which will be available from the beginning of October, is currently being trialled on a number of flights to ensure quality levels. The Russian selection is the fourth international menu in the expanding On Air Dining portfolio, and has been created to support the growing number of flights destined for Russia and other CIS locations.

“The amount of requests for traditional Russian dining has increased significantly over the last twelve months and as we pride ourselves on listening to our clients we have responded by collaborating with London’s leading Russian venue to create this bespoke offering. The CIS region has always formed a significant part of our business but is now one of our biggest single markets, representing about 20% of our total flight requests,” says Daniel Hulme, MD of On Air Dining.

Menu items feature blinis, pickled herring, and beef stroganoff alongside more traditional dishes like Siberian pelmeni (similar to Italian ravioli), and veraniki with mushrooms (a dumpling style plate). Each dish has been designed by the restaurant, but has then been adapted to follow specific quality guidelines provided by On Air Dining to ensure the produce maintains its freshness, flavour and texture during the delivery process, and at altitude. Items have also been adapted to ensure that the flight attendants can present the dishes to gourmet standard using the innovative packaging and serving system designed by On Air Dining .

“We are dedicated to providing the best quality produce and dining experience for our customers and whilst we have a great chef team we also recognise our limits when it comes to producing a completely authentic Russian dining experience whilst flying. We selected Mari Vanna as our partner owing to its fantastic reputation and knowing that their kitchen team is used to serving royalty, government officials, heads of state and London’s most elite Russian customers. This really reflects our customer base and ensures we both understand the quality required to maintain our clients’ satisfaction. Mari Vanna is the expert in Russian cuisine, whilst we know how to package deliver and replicate the dining experience in flight. We anticipate this is going to be one of our most popular international menus,” says Hulme.

The launch of the Russian menu further demonstrates the elite caterer’s commitment to providing only the best in air bourne cuisine for clients. The menu selection now includes Brasserie, A La Carte, & Chef in the Sky options, alongside dedicated Indian, Arabian, and Japanese menus served in partnership with specialist providers Tamarind, Arabica and Sumosan respectively.

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