On Air Dining, the executive jet in-flight experience provider has launched a unique and exciting range of fresh blended cocktails offering passengers exotic drinks at altitude. Launched in partnership with London-based specialist Pontoon Cocktails, a menu of seven mixes will be offered to Flight Attendants along with the regular food and beverage menu. 

The new drinks offering reflects the On Air Dining ethos with a strong focus on high quality and fresh ingredients, utilised to produce classically styled drinks. Heritage spirits, herb based products and fresh pressed juices combine to produce favourites like the Cosmopolitan as well as bespoke On Air Dining choices such as the Sora, Gotham, Autumn and Zephyr featuring rare ingredients such as orgeat, plum liqueur, damson jam syrup, whole cranberry vacuum infused vodka and peach and cherry bitters. The menu is enhanced by non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ which are growing in popularity amongst the fashionable elite.

The drinks are carefully crafted from fresh ingredients incorporating hand pressed juices, intense infusions and syrups, and are delivered frozen to maintain freshness. Each individual drink is conveniently packed in a compact pouch and is accompanied by the relevant garnish and flash card serving instructions so mirroring On Air Dining’s distinctive inflight catering methodology. Their easy to store and ready to serve nature makes these high-end cocktails convenient for use on all aircraft ensuring cocktail availability is no longer confined to aircraft large enough to carry a fully stocked bar.

Daniel Hulme, Managing Director of On Air Dining comments: “We are excited to partner with high end cocktail specialist, Pontoon Cocktails on this unique new addition to our in-flight offering. To our knowledge this is the first time that anyone has offered such a novel product on board. The quality and freshness of the ingredients is highly appealing to us and will be, we hope, to our customers. It sits very well with the On Air Dining concept and is part of our continual aim to offer clients even more options when it comes to their in-flight experience. We anticipate that the cocktail menu will appeal to a wide range of clients and prove most popular on flights departing for leisure destinations such as Las Vegas and/or the slopes.”

Brent Harcombe of Pontoon Cocktails adds: “We feel privileged to be working with On Air Dining . Our range of in-flight cocktails represents the perfect complement to the fine dining experience On Air Dining has come to be known for. We are excited to feature a selection of high quality cocktails that for the first time ever can be served and stored on board with ease. We anticipate that they will appeal to a wide range of tastes including the bespoke Sora which is ideally served with sushi and includes a blend of the finest sake, vodka, plum liqueur, orgeat and fresh pressed lime.”

Clients will be required to order a minimum of five cocktails per flight.

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