Introducing the World’s Most Exclusive Coffee

Did you know On Air Dining serves the finest Kopi Luwak Coffee, renowned as the world’s rarest, most unusual and thus most expensive coffee?

“Kopi” is the Indonesian word for coffee and “Luwak” is the local name for the civet like cat.

On Air Dining works closely with Bespoke Beverages, who have spent the time to locate the original Kopi Luwak Plantations in Indonesia and seen firsthand the organic, wild process of gathering the exclusive Arabica beans.

Daniel Hulme explains: “The Luwak selects the best coffee cherries and then, after passing through the Luwak, the farmers treat the beans like black gold, gathering each one like a precious green gem. Following washing drying, sorting and roasting the result is a smooth and syrupy like texture, creating an exceptionally luxurious choice of coffee.”

The exclusive Kopi Luwak coffee is presented in ranges from Ruby, priced from £500 per kg to the Diamond range, which is the most exclusive and expensive in the world as a stunning 100% peaberry coffee.

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